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"Fashions fade, style is eternal."  Yves Saint Laurent

Top Shelf Menswear owner, David Wise, has long been known as a "clothes horse."  A fitting title, as his first career was as an equine farrier, working in the south central Pennsylvania area for more than 27 years. Dave's love of working with horses equaled his love of fine clothing, and he seamlessly involved the latter in his life by working part-time at a local men's shop.   (His status as a favorite customer, with a talent for matching colors and patterns, prompted the store manager to recruit him as an employee.)
Fine clothing, while well-made with quality fabrics and construction, often comes with a steep price tag.  What's more, just as is the case with a pre-owned automobile, pre-owned clothing, especially well-made clothing, often has quite a bit of wear left even after the owner outgrows, or tires of it. 
Enter consignment shopping, which has evolved as a trusted source for quality clothing, at affordable pricing, for women and children for many years, but there were few, if any, such shops for men.  Now, Top Shelf Menswear meets that need.
Since the spring of 2012, Top Shelf Menswear has offered the best menswear brand names, thoroughly inspected for quality and offered at affordable prices, typically 70 - 80% off regular retail pricing.   

Stop in and let us exceed your expectations!

Shop Consignment - Save the Earth!
Consignment shopping is a great way to preserve our earth's resources (not to mention your own financial resources!) Celebrate Earth Day all year long by shopping Top Shelf Menswear and other consignment stores.

Check out this eye-opening article on the crisis that disposable fashion is creatiing:

Thank you for shopping responsibly!

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